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Dr. Bluhm has been performing surgeries of the foot and ankle for the past 15 years in his office, at surgical centers and San Antonio hospitals.

General Podiatry

Podiatrists remain a part of the medical team in more common diseases, inherited traits, injury and routine care. Many of the foot problems which occur in adulthood may me prevented early in life.


Foot assessment and gait analysis provides a better understanding of the cause of pain and injury in the lower extremity and more effective means of providing conservative or surgical care.


Dr. Bluhm provides 3D or hand cast custom-made functional or accommodative orthotics depending on the diagnosis and ailment. Adjustments are made in the office as needed.

About Us

We seek to make your visit simple, stress-free, and effective!Learn More

New Patients

Did you know the average person takes about 10,000 steps every day? That is a lot of footprints during our lives. At Footprints Podiatric Medicine & Surgery PLLC, we are here to provide conservative or surgical foot and ankle care for your foot conditions.Learn More

Our Goal

Our goal is to listen and share our knowledge and skill to help you treat and protect your feet!


  • A. K.

    Had a wonder surgery experience on my long time Achilles tendon pain. Recovery was uneventful and Dr. Bluhm was knowledgeable and skillful. I am walking... read more

  • Danielle D.

    Doctor is amazing he's funny and walked me through every step,no pun intended.I had surgery 2 times he performed both and my scar is nearly... read more

  • Alexander C.

    Dr.Bluhm was able to help me with my growth plate injury, heโ€™s very good, and well recommended.

  • Worth F.

    Treats me like another person! I like his personality!

  • Maria G.

    El doctor es muy guapo y me hizo serugia en los doz pies y asta hora no he tenido priblemas es muy excelente y su... read more

  • A C.

    Dr Bluhm and staff are awesome! They have helped me with my issues with neuromas and plantar fasciitis. Highly recommend their services! They... read more

  • Crystal B.

    I had a bilateral bunionectomy. Friendly staff and a great Doctor! I had such a great experience I went back when I broke my ankle lol!

  • Jason D.

    Dr. Bluhm knows what he's doing! Great doctor, informative, kind staff.

  • Danny A.

    Very informative doctor. Answered all my questions with a descriptive answer and made sure we left with no unanswered questions. Staff was very kind,... read more

  • Tonia C.

    Dr. Bluhm has been my Podiatrist for a while now, always like the job he has done. The best thing so far was the wonderful... read more



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